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2024 NI Wedding Awards

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NI Wedding Awards

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NI's most prestigious wedding awards

AB Events is proud to be bringing you another prestige award events covering the best in Northern Ireland across the wedding industry. As all AB Events ran awards this process will take 8 months to complete taking on board lots of different aspects to your business. This event was inspired by the amazing work that this industry continue to do everyday! These awards recognize the hard work you put into every single client you've ever taken on past and present. Unlike a lot of awards ceremonies across the UK we actually break the event into sections to judge you on everything your business needs to be an award winner!

The Awards system has 25! different categories, each award being a national award. If you don't see your section here feel free to contact us and enquire about adding it! we love hearing different ideas moving forward from anyone!

We start with the registration section. You must be registered by yourself or by a client as there is a small sign up fee. We then move on to the voting section, this doubles up as a create marketing campaign for the next two months to help you get into the top 7 in each section. Then the final section is you have 6 weeks to prepare for the live judging section infront of our 5 start judges at a unique venue. With the highest average score walking away with the award for the different categories. If your award isn't part of our live judging set up then you will have the chance to put forward a portfolio showcasing your amazing business. Each section has 3 different industry judges!

AB Events founders Andrew and Aine say " We are so proud of this growing industry and delighted to be able to recognise such amazing people who help people celebrate their big day! It's an honour to be able to bring fair run awards to the country and we hope this encourages people to enter these awards and be fairly rewarded in their industry'

Good luck to all involved!

Andrew, Aine & the AB Events Team.

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